Preserving your Artwork

Does Your Art Require UV Protective Glass?
Simply, yes. Sunlight’s damaging Ultra Violet rays fade and yellow colours. They scorch your artwork and cause it to shrink and deteriorate.

Have you ever noticed the faded posters in hair salon windows, where the vibrant colours are quickly reduced to dull grays and pinks? This also occurs within your artwork – and this damage is irreversible.

Conservation glass blocks up to 97% of the most harmful light rays and preserves the beauty, colour and intensity of your artwork. The cost of faming with UV protective glass is often only a few dollars more than framing with regular glass.

Let There be Light (but not too much!)
While UV protective glass can help shield your artwork, direct sunlight should always be avoided. Bright indoor lights can cause glare and reflection. Incandescent lighting provides a less damaging spotlight for your artwork.

Morris Gallery carries a wide selection of protective framing glass to significantly enhance your art’s lifespan – and your enjoyment of its crisp and clear original appearance. Besides regular and non-glare glass, we recommended anti-reflective and museum quality glass.

Speak to us about the planned location for your artwork. We can help advise you about the best glass framing choices to protect your artwork, and maximize its presentation within your home.

Framing Glass at a Glance – from least to most expensive

Glass type: UV protection: Qualities: Recommended:


45% UV protected Reflective  


45% UV protected Muted reflection, some image distortion For certain situations

Regular UV protected, conservation clear

98% UV protected Reflective Yes

non-glare, UV protected

98% UV protected Muted reflection, some image distortion  


78% UV protected No distortion

Museum quality

98% UV protected No distortion, no reflection Yes
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