The Wonderful World of Colour

Key Colours
Think what life would be like without colour…

At Morris Gallery, we help you open the door to a wide range of colours – from subtle shades of matboard to bold statements. The effective use of colour builds key relationships of balance between your art and its matting and framing. Colour can integrate your artwork into your living space, or create a dramatic showcase effect.

What is Conservation Matboard?
PH neutral, it is buffered to protect your artwork from the lignin, alum, acids, and other impurities contained in ordinary matboard. Conservation matboard can actually draw existing acidity from your artwork.

At Morris Gallery, we safeguard your art with exceptionally pure and clean, acid-free products. Our conservation matting is also fade and bleed resistant. Conservation matboard not only adds colour to your life, it also helps to protect the true colour of your artwork, for life.

Your Documents
Our unique computerized mat cutter achieves the distinctive cuts and swirls to add artistry to your framed documents. Turn your diploma, certificate, license, or cherished document into a work of art to hang on the wall!

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